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Mad Streets

Mad Streets is now out on Xbox. Request your key today (Xbox One Global, for X/S too)

Mad Streets is a uniquely blended Physics and Animation Multiplayer, Brawler/Fighter/Party game, using comedy mixed nicely with brutal actions. Play by yourself, or with friends!

🥊 Unique and Natural Combat 🥊

This isn't your classic combo-based melee system. It feels more like real fighting! Using direction-based moves for attacking specific areas of the body. Land some silly button combination attacks, or throw your ultimate special attack to heighten the experience!

👥 Large Variety of Characters 👥

Welcome to Gutsford University Campus. Lotta heat between the groups over who's king of the campus. Is it the Football team? Or maybe the Frat guys? Pick a side and enjoy the antics, pranks, setups and of course, the super satisfying fights.

🕹️ Various Modes 🕹️

Competitive versus and challenge modes where you and up to four players can jump in for brawls against each other, or join forces in team-based objectives.

Story mode campaign mode where you play in the shoes of the main cast, each with their own storyline. Unlock new and exciting characters as you advance through the story mode!

Choose from various maps with their own spin on the fight. Set the particular rule to judge the winner, or even include a referee to judge the bout.

🥞 Grab Anything 🥞

Grab anything you can see. Anything can be a weapon if you can lift it. Find food, and start eating for boosts, stamina recovery, and special abilities. Grab other players and manhandle them or throw them down to gain the edge.

✔️ Accessible to Anyone ✔️

Hardcore players see the depth in it while more casual players see the extremely fun, pick up and play element, from gamers, non-gamers, kids, parents; anyone! You gotta feel it for yourself! Coming out on ALL major platforms soon.

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