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Mechajammer is coming soon to Steam. Request your key today ready for release!

A cyberpunk horror CRPG set on a grim future colony world. Mechajammer uses simultaneous turn-based combat to create real-time tactics with the precision of turn-based controls.

πŸ”« Open-world Exploration πŸ”«

Freely roam through the streets of an off-world cyberpunk city, the killer jungles outside its walls, and the occult syndicate hollows below.

πŸ‘₯ Companions and Squad Commands πŸ‘₯

Recruit large squads of mercenaries, gang members, and thieves as companions. Issue commands to the whole squad to keep the turn-based combat fast and exciting.

🎲 Choices and Consequences 🎲

You and your crew of deserters have crashed onto a hostile jungle colony. To escape, you must gather rumors, bribe enemies, and earn trust through completing missions. In this immersive sim choose your path wisely, as your story options will shift with every choice.

πŸ™‹ Character Creation πŸ™‹

Deep and fully customizable character creation allows you to experiment and design your own playstyle.

Available on PC, Mac and Linux.

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