About MINImax Tinyverse

MINImax Tinyverse is a F2P real-time 3D strategy-brawling god game in which two realms of tiny beings try to conquer their rival’s towers. Protect your favourite realm –Aillai or Creaea– as you control the environment, summon miracles, and lead your team to victory.

Before entering the battle, you can select one specialist among a total of 4 fighters, assemble troopers from 11 different options, and choose up to 6 different miracles from a total of 22.


  • Enjoy the thrill of 1v1 fast-paced strategic battles.
  • Play with charming characters, such as Ortto, Aidel, Tuppi, Shainen on the Aillai side; Murrakah, Kaya, Nia, Fainuke on the Creaea side.
  • Pick up and drop your Champions to protect them from danger or to unleash their skills over the enemies.
  • Zoom in the camera to watch them closer while displaying their prowess in an incredible map of Ortto’s territory.
  • Tank, damage, heal, siege, scout, hide, snipe, assassinate, blast, slice, pierce and more, with 11 different troopers you can select and combine to create the best deck settings!
  • Block, bind, gather, freeze, burn, pollute, heal, purify, slow down, speed up, scare away, super punch and much more, 24 mighty miracles of MINImax Tinyverse to grant victory to your realm.
  • Attempt to destroy the defending towers, but beware, they are not going to fall easily!
  • Learn the unlimited possibilities, cool upcoming new features currently in development that we are preparing to unleash on MINImax Tinyverse.

Along with MINImax Tinyverse release, O’ol Blue Inc. is also launching the Two Realms Unlock Pack. This DLC allows you to remove all the realm-locks on any locked character and miracle and also provides the necessary in-game currency to obtain them for both realms.

You can obtain a key for this by requesting it through Woovit.


"MINImax Tinyverse is Free to Play on Steam Early Access, but we have some special contents to be unlocked with our Two Realms Unlock Pack.

The Two Realms Unlock Pack not only unlocks some extra Champions, Troopers, and Miracles in the game, but also provides you with some in-game resources necessary to obtain the contents in the game.

This pack is mostly meant to extend the fun in the game and it will still require some specific player level to be able to reach each content.

If you want to enjoy the extra fun that comes from this pack, please make sure to download and play first the base game MINImax Tinyverse on https://store.steampowered.com/app/914700/MINImax_Tinyverse/ 

before enjoying the benefits of the Two Realms Unlock Pack."

Join our Community in Discord for more details: https://discord.gg/minimaxtinyverse

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