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Developers behind Spiritfarer and We Happy Few reveal new IP: Mini Maker: Make a Thing!

A hero thing, a monster thing, a robo thing… in Mini Maker, you can make any thing! Players use an arsenal of plastic limbs, wonky tools, rainbow stickers and googly eyes to assemble creations, please demanding clients, and laugh in the face of good taste, in a wonderfully wonky workshop sim where nothing is perfect but everything is ‘good enough'!

Mini Maker: Make a Thing, a scrappy workshop simulator is launching on PC via Steam on June 28th

There is no embargo! Get creating 🎨🎭🧑‍🎨

Please read the game description in full. Any questions or queries regarding eligibility or campaign expectations, please email [email protected].


Make any ‘thing’ you like with Mini Maker: Make a Thing!

Build knockoff miniatures for clients with ridiculous requests. Assemble, paint and add effects to your creations. Deal with wonky tools and unexpected hazards. Don't bother looking for an Undo button—there are none in this anti-perfectionist workshop simulator.

Glue loose limbs to robo-parts. Paint with sprays and condiment bottles. Finish it off with ridiculous tattoos and animated pieces. Oh, did we mention there's no Undo button? Time to roll with the punches!

Fulfill the Minis' wacky challenges. From six-armed action figures, to fancy meals served from a toilet -any request is (unfortunately) possible. Explore their world and face your ultimate enemies: perfectionism and good taste.

Flying tomatoes, rabid hammers, electrifying eels... Fend off foes in time or ignore them and see what "statement" they leave on your precious piece.

Collect cash for your creations and re-invest it in supplies, tools and workshop upgrades. Add new pieces to your inventory or risk ending up making yet another armless Venus de Mini.

Test the limits of your relationships by playing any challenge in couch co-op mode. Go ahead and lower your expectations: you two will be making some butt-ugly things.

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