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Inside an old wooden box lies four curious items: a toy lizard, a captured moth, a screwdriver and a seashell. Each one has its own story to tell…


A carefully curated collection of four handcrafted adventures about childhood, where imagination and reality merge with darker undercurrents of loneliness, mystery and magic.

Explore one story at a time, or curl up to play them in a single sitting in this new solo-play adventure game about the stories we tell ourselves and how they shape the world.


The gameplay is short, intuitive, and varies from story to story. Experience the dreamlike world of childhood and search for the lost, build curious objects, and look very very closely.

Key Features

📖 A collection of curious stories seen from children's perspective.

🎲 Simple and intuitive mechanics inspired by graphic novels and modern adventure games.

🖌️ Handcrafted art styles reminiscent of traditional hand-drawn media.


Are you curious to uncover the mysteries inside the old wooden box? Wishlist Miniatures and prepare to embark on a journey of nostalgia, mystery, and heartfelt exploration.



A powerfully emotional journey filled with meaning, Miniatures is a short experience that will take you and your community through four dreamlike, mysterious adventures. This game is perfect for discussion and theorycrafting long after you’ve finished.

Game coming soon! Any questions contact Matto, at [email protected].

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