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"Pretty Girls Speed" reviews are now being accepted!

This will be our 14th "Pretty Girls" titles in the series! Previous "Pretty Girl" titles have sold over 360,000 units to date. "Pretty Girls Speed" coming to Steam on February 24, 2022(Pacific Standard Time). We would be very happy if you could review our games. Thank you for your consideration.

"Can you keep up with our speed?"

The new addition to the "Pretty Girls" series is here!

Seriously compete with beautiful girls in the card game "Speed" and aim to be a "Speed" master!

◆ A card game called "Speed"!

This is a card game that requires quick judgment and skill.

Quickly put out the cards that connect sequentially to the cards on the table. The first player to lose all the cards in his or her hand wins!

The game has different difficulty levels, ranging from easy for beginners to challenging for the pros!

◆ Easy and quick play!

Selection of the deck and replenishing of the cards on the table are automated!

Intuitive controls make it easy to play, even for "Speed" beginners!

◆ Two game modes to choose from!

・ Battle Mode

In this mode, you select a character to play against, and win by taking the first two rounds of a three-round match.

The more characters you win against, the more powerful your opponents become.

Play and aim for the "Speed" throne!


This is a mode where you have to conquer all 100 levels.

The difficulty increases as the level goes up! Aim to conquer all the levels!

◆ "KAWAII" Girls are waiting for you!

There are a total of 10 characters in the game!

Voices are recorded for all characters!

◆ Character introduction

  • A cheerful and kind older sister. While she's caring, she's also a bit of a airhead and a slacker.
  • A woman with a cool, intellectual appearance and a mischievous expression. She has excelled in her studies since she was a student, and is currently working as a researcher.
  • RUI
  • She is weak-minded and loves cute and sweet things. She has a short fuse and easily sulks.
  • A villainous woman in the world of otome games. She is a proud and arrogant lady.
  • MOA
  • A beautiful woman with a calm personality. She is affectionately called a "Saint".
  • A strong-willed and mysterious person who never loses her attitude.
  • A leader of the Demon King's Army. The god of death. She is an introverted and reserved beauty with a fragile and weak appearance.
  • YUNA
  • A wolf Kemomimi girl. She is a calm, gentle, and mature woman.
  • A fox Kemomimi girl. She is cheerful and loves to have fun. She enjoys anything and is also very attentive.
  • A snake Yokai. A graceful and bewitching monster. She controls humans and make them pay tribute to her in the form of wine and food.

* Bishoujo characters are officially licensed and used.

* All characters in this game are over 18 years old.

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