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The chaotic puzzle-platformer Robotry! is scheduled to launch on PC via Steam, Xbox One/Series and Switch in Autumn 2022. Requests are now open for full review code on all platforms.

Note: Steam codes are always more available than Nintendo Switch codes. We're unable to 'offer alternatives' when approving requests, so request wisely. Nintendo Switch codes will be prioritised for Switch centric or larger channels with a history of covering Switch titles.

You can also request Steam demo codes ahead of the Steam Next Fest on June 13-20, 2022. Demo codes will be going out early, ahead of Next Fest with no embargo! Request demo codes right here:

Please read the game description in full. Any questions or queries regarding eligibility or campaign expectations, please email [email protected] or DM @KrisWB


A physics-based platformer without a jump button. Walk, jump, climb and parkour by directly controlling each leg of a confused baby robot. Go from a glitching toddler to a somersaulting acrobat in the story mode, or tackle your friends in multiplayer versus modes!

Robotry! is played with a gamepad. Each analogue stick controls one leg of your robot. The body of the robot balances itself automatically. You can walk by taking alternating steps, or jump by pushing against the ground. Grabbing, throwing, kicking, climbing and cranking are also all built upon direct physics-based control.

Help the merry orange astronauts do cool science experiments on different planets as you chuck yourself around the cosmos! Walk, run, skip, hop and tumble through the campaign in single-player or join forces with a friend or two!

Who's the most elegant robo pilot? Robotry has a variety of multiplayer modes open to as many as 8 players. Play together locally, or use Steam Remote Play to play online!

🤖 The main story is available as both single-player and co-op. Join or leave at any time!

🤖 Enjoy versus minigames with up to 8 players!

🤖 Throw around heebos, they don’t mind!

🤖 Customize your robots!

🤖 Collect secrets and explore the HUB, your sandbox-like spaceship playground!

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