Starfighter Neon

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Starfighter Neon is a small but fun game.

It's a re-playable arcade style space shooter where the goal is to beat your (and your friends) best scores, unlocking extra ships as you go. I hope you enjoy playing the game, all feedback is welcome, and I'll do my best to help with any issues.


You've been dropped into enemy space. Weave your Starfighter between alien spaceships, lasers, asteroids and bombs destroying as many as you can and collecting valuable coins and powerups as you go.

-If you fly off one side of the screen, you appear back on the other side, use this to escape enemies and surprise others!

-You have 3 lives each game.-Collecting pickups will boost your weapons for a short while.

-There are Green, Blue and Yellow weapons to collect, alongside the default blaster, each available as 'normal' or 'gold' strength. The Yellow weapons are unique to each Starfighter.

-Collect coins to unlock extra Starfighters in the Ship Shop that all fly in different ways, and each have a unique powerup.

-Collect the SmartBomb pickup to wipe out the entire screen of enemies!

Easy to play, just point and fire, this isn't a twin stick shooter.

Keyboard and Gamepads both supported.

Infinite game play, it only stops when you lose all your lives.

Steam achievements and leaderboard.

Steam cloud support.

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