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Super Dungeon Maker is out now on Steam in Early Access. It is a creative pixel art dungeon editor inspired by the best 2D adventure games. Choose however many levels, enemies, secret rooms, traps and items you want. Challenge your friends and the community to master your dungeon or play the countless dungeons of the community.

Please read the game description in full below and any questions or queries regarding eligibility or campaign expectations, please email [email protected].


Create & Play the dungeons of your dreams

The classic action-adventure dungeon experience of your dreams is about to be made... by you! Create and share your very own dungeons, then play a nearly infinite number of highly creative, trap-ridden dungeons made by other creators from all over the world.

Share your dungeons with your friends, family or community

Unleash your creative streak as a dungeon creator and place as many enemies, floors and secret paths as you like. Make the journey more difficult for your friends with countless traps and hidden spikes.

Play built-in dungeons or play the dungeons of your friends and the community. Solve their puzzles and defeat the enemies you encounter during your adventures. Find hidden hearts to replenish your health and make it to the final boss.

Become a hero of the most impossible dungeons the community can come up with.

Show everyone that your dungeon is the best!

This game offers you:

✅ Hundreds/Thousand dungeons of others

✅ Share your own dungeon with the community

✅ Super easy to use dungeon editor

✅ Three different settings/themes (later more)

✅ Many many nasty traps

✅ A wide variety of items

✅ The usual bad guys

✅ Controller / Mouse-Keyboard support

This game doesn’t have:

❌ Single player story campaign

❌ Multiplayer or Co-op

❌ Character editor, character progression or quest system

❌ Player created assets or mod functionallity

❌ Randomly generated dungeons

❌ Microtransactions

❌ Chicken Nuggets


🔨 Dungeon Maker: The easy to navigate dungeon maker allows you to make exciting dungeons within minutes.

🤝 Share your dungeons: Share your dungeons, collect feedback and keep perfecting them. Or play the most popular community created dungeons.

🎨 Unlimited Creativity: A wide variety of enemy types and items provide countless creative possibilities.

Inspired by: Zelda, Super Mario Maker, Levelhead, and many more great games.

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