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Developed by Solo developer Paul Schnepf, aka Hyperparadise (The Ramp) The Block is a minimalist city-builder coming to PC via Steam in Summer 2022, and is published by us, Future Friends Games (you may remember us from such games as Omno and Exo One). 

Please read the game description in full below and any questions or queries regarding eligibility or campaign expectations, please email me at [email protected] or DM @KrisWB.


The Block is a bite-sized experience for city builder fans short on time/money/attention /all of the above. Each level is slightly different and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

The Block is designed more as a ‘digital toy’ than a game: a short, satisfying experience that’ll make your day a little bit better and costs less than a slice of pizza.

🏘️ CHOOSE from a variety of levels and sizes!

🏘️ CREATE a tiny city block from randomly generated parts!

🏘️ BASK in the glory of your adorable creation!

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