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There's only one way in, and one way out. Can you survive Carrion Road?

The Warriorlock™ is a story-driven dramedy RPG that will take you on an escapism fantasy quest–beyond the mind's eye of a young man trapped in crisis–into the wilds of a dangerous and enchanted realm, where empowered with might, magic and perhaps a few good companions, he may find the strength and courage to battle the darkness within.

Featuring a glorious synthesis of core RPG mechanics, and a visual story presentation teeming with memorable characters, mystery, magic, monsters, merriment and mayhem—this is one tall tale that just must be told.

Key Features

  • Picture book presentation with a rich text narrative and entertaining character dialogue.
  • Detailed isometric journey path comprised of individually-crafted scene art parallaxes.
  • Optional party members, with up to four characters in party.
  • Visible encounter shadows that 'cloak' enemy type and weight until physically contacted.
  • Dynamic turn-based combat system with stat-driven turn-order, turn wait gauge, action point-locked talents, bribe option and victory item drops.
  • Sophisticated chance spawning system that randomizes item discovery and rare chest loot,
  • giving each player a slightly different experience with available items and equipable boons.
  • Espresso package with no filler. The story can usually be completed within a few hours.
  • Created, written, designed and developed by one person.


Standard arrow keys, space and esc, or use controller. (see image of controls on Steam page)

Control notes:

  • Keyboard control supports arrow keys and/or classic WASD navigation.
  • Please ensure game pad controller is connected before launching the game.
  • Default game pad controls are set to standard xbox controller scheme.
  • Toggle run option locks/unlocks the player sprite in the sprint position.
  • Native 1024 x 576 game window can be stretched to full screen (reduces clarity).
  • Steam Overlay feature is not compatible with this game window.
  • Saving and exiting the game is accomplished via options in the menu.
  • Save slot 1 is set to auto save at each transfer. Use slot 2-4 to set own difficulty.


A free basic guide for The Warriorlock™ is included in the game's inventory Item menu.

Visit The Warriorlock™ Steam community for further info, FAQ and potential harmony.


The Warriorlock™ is a lone creative's labor of love, which has greatly benefited from the support of many people throughout the magical course of development, and by those of you who are here now to play and participate. Thank you everyone for taking part in this journey. Be kind. Be strong. Be real. And may you always adventure hard.

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