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From, Something Random, a new studio founded by Ex-Superhot developers, Toy trains is a playful track-building VR game where you create your own small world and engage in a captivating storyline. It’s all about imagination, creative thinking, having fun and… trains!

Open a long forgotten, dusty suitcase in your grandpa’s attic, rediscover your old toys and even older memories. As soon as you start playing, it’s both rails and memories that start to click together. In this creative space, where all depends on you, you can feel child-like joy and fulfillment of building tracks and solving brain teasers.

Toy Trains land is yours to shape. The challenges are open-ended and each board has multiple possible solutions, so you can let your imagination loose and never feel stuck. After you solve a board, get creative with decorating it, progress with every step and set up more and more complex routes each time!

The warm, colorful world keeps you nice and cozy throughout the journey. There is no timer, no score, no rush. Play at your own pace and take time to step back and admire your work. Toy Trains brings nothing but satisfaction and pleasure.

In Toy Trains you can:

  • Be creative - try various options to solve open-ended challenges
  • Express yourself - decorate the land in your individual style
  • Play with the world itself - splash some water, move the trees or melt over the cuteness of little Railies!
  • Go back in time - experience child-like joy and live through a nostalgic storyline
  • Relax - there is no rush and no stress in the Toy Trains land
  • Immerse - feel all that and more in the most captivating way - VR!

Are you ready to hop on board and take a ride with Toy Trains?

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