Vagrus - The Riven Realms

Vagrus - The Riven RealmsGabor Szutorisz


Vagrus - The Riven Realms was originally released in October 2021 and since then has received multiple feature and content updates via patches and in the form of free DLCs.

On November 7, 2023., Lost Pilgrims Studio released its first expansion, Sunfire and Moonshadow (SaM), along with a Season Pass that offers two additional future DLCs on top of SaM.

On June 12, 2024, the studio released its second DLC, Old Acquaintances, adding two new companions.

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Game Intro

Embark on a perilous journey across a realm forsaken by the gods and devastated by a cataclysm. Accompanied by a hardy crew, you are free to discover a dark fantasy world and its secrets. Trade, fight, or explore your way to success as a leader of a traveling company in Vagrus, a post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG-strategy hybrid developed by Lost Pilgrims.

'Sunless Sea meets Darkest Dungeon, set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world.'

Vagrus is an award-winning Role-playing Game with strategy elements, where the player takes the role of a vagrus - a sort of caravan leader, who makes a living in a strange and dangerous dark fantasy world by leading a traveling company on all kinds of ventures.


A vast continent is yours to explore, filled with unique locations, strange factions, lurking dangers, and a lot of characters you can interact with. In order to punish the Empire for their sins a thousand years ago, the Elder Gods manifested themselves in the world, letting loose powers that ended up devastating it. Following this Calamity, the Empire was slow to rebuild and became a dark caricature of its former image. The continent is now a wasteland, riddled with arcane anomalies, twisted monsters, and undead.


A large selection of longer and shorter stories make up the game’s narrative in the form of events and quests. The choices you make in these often affect the companions and the world around you. Pick your background from trader, mercenary, or explorer; work for factions, follow rumors and trading opportunities; acquire wealth, gain fame, and discover hidden knowledge. The world is a sandbox, yet it is filled with hand-crafted content.


Take part in turn-based, tactical combat that involves your characters and a large variety of enemies, both humanoid and monstrous. Use a range of character skills and abilities to succeed.


Most journeys have to be planned and prepared for carefully, lest they end in disaster. Manage your supplies, morale, and the freshness of your people effectively to survive. Haul cargo and valuables across the wasteland or take it from others. Your crew of workers, fighters, scouts, and slaves have to be managed to optimize their effectiveness. Equip your caravan with upgrades and your companions with magical gear.


The player can recruit a wide variety of companions into the caravan to serve in versatile roles, such as scoutmaster, guard captain, quartermaster, or navigator. Each of them comes with its own combat skills, background stories, and personal quest lines that, when completed, can upgrade them in unforeseen ways. They can progress through experience levels to become more potent crew members as well as in combat.

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