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Hi there! My name is Josh Bruce, I’m a solo indie developer from Australia who made Vault of the Void! 

A lot of people have described Vault of the Void as : Slay the Spire meets MTG/Hearthstone. There's a lot that makes this game different to others in the genre. I come from a MTG background and wanted to encapsulate the joy of deck building into a distilled Roguelite form. I wanted to do away with RNG where possible, and focus on the players' choices and decisions. 

Key Features & Differences

Each fight rewards you with a card, which you can see on the Map for every tile. This puts a huge focus on path planning, to ensure you collect the cards you want and need to build a well rounded deck and sideboard.

Decks are 20 cards, no more, no less. Cards are added to your Backpack, and you can swap in and out cards at any time. You know what enemy you're fighting before the fight, meaning you can tweak your deck the more familiar you become with fights. 

You can Purge cards from your hand (discarding basically) for energy at any time, giving the player micro-decisions on what cards to play, and what cards to purge to fuel other combos. 

Cards and Energy persist over turns, allowing for fun combo setups. See a big hit coming next turn? You can hold your large block card to deal with the Threat then. 

Void Stones are a collection of "gems" that you can socket into any card. For example, the Yellow Void Stone adds Block 4 to any card - meaning you can turn one of your strong attack cards into a multi use tool! 

Lastly, Block is played reactively, not pro-actively, meaning after a creature attacks, you have a turn to deal with the "Threat"

If this sounds interesting to you, then please feel free to request a key! I hope you enjoy Vault of the Void. If you’d like to reach out, you can find me on Twitter and Discord at the links below. 

Have a great day! 

Josh Bruce#3764

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