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Hello Woovit Creators! Applying to this campaign will grant a key for Wartales' Pirates of Belerion DLC. If you are in need of a base game key, please email [email protected]

Please check the Xbox store page for system compatibility - xbox.com/en-US/games/store/wartales/9nwq686jb33g

Thank you!

Game Description:

A century has passed since the fall of the Edoran Empire at the hands of an unprecedented plague that swept the nation. Now, the land is rife with mercenary work, banditry and thievery, with honor having become an almost entirely forgotten virtue. Prepare to lead a group of unscrupulous characters through a massive open world where combat, death and a thirst for riches will dictate your day to day life. You are not the hero of this story, destined to usher in a new era of peace. Your goal is solely to survive and thrive in this harsh and hostile world, by any means necessary…

Only the bravest and most ambitious can hope to see their story written in the Wartales!

Customize your group's skills, equipment, and appearance with an intuitive RPG progression and crafting system, while developing your camp with luxuries, tools, and equipment to help your team endure and recover from the hardships each day brings. Collect bounties and take on contracts. From protecting the innocent from petty thieves to defeating the land's most notorious figures, there's no such thing as a profit too small to take.

In Pirates of Belerion, navigate the dangerous waters in a treacherous archipelago home to notorious seafarers. Captain an impressive vessel in Wartales’ largest region yet, clashing with plundering pirates while absorbing a rich new island culture. Hunt for untold treasure and earn an ocean-wide reputation by taking down a list of infamous Sea Lord captains one by one.

Maneuver through wind conditions while engaging in strategic marine-based combat. Board and battle on enemy ships or attack from afar with powerful ballistas. Tactfully allow adversaries close to challenge other captains in dramatic 1v1 duels. Customize the mobilized mercenary camp at sea before embarking on a thrilling voyage with more than 25 hours of content.


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