Assimilate! (A Party Game)

Assimilate! (A Party Game)Friendship is Fun Studios


Looking for a new game to play with your followers? Try Assimilate! (A Party Game)! Assimilate is a 1950s-themed social deduction party game for 5-10 players about a cleverly-disguised robot infiltrating a local, "humans only" sock hop!

Each game takes roughly 12-15 minutes & consists of three rounds of finger-pointing fun. Each player is either a human, robot, or programmer (the robot's best friend) and needs to work together in order to win. The only problem, the humans don't know who their fellow humans are so they'll have to use logic, deduction, and teamwork to figure out who they can trust.

Team Humans

Objective: Identify (and kick out) that pesky robot!

  • Submit clues describing the password (that everyone but the Robot knows) to prove you're a human
  • Deliberate among the other players to determine who appears suspiciously robotic
  • If a majority of the humans correctly identify the robot (or programmer), the humans win!

Team Robots

Objective: Assimilate among the humans, undetected.

  • The Programmer helps the Robot bluff their way through the clue-entering phase
  • Deflect suspicion from your team and accuse humans as being untrustworthy
  • If a majority of the humans cannot correctly identify the robot or programmer, the Robot team prevails!


  • "Classic" Play (3 rounds x 4 minutes each) or "Quick Play" (one short, 4 minute game)
  • Supports all HTML-5 enabled devices
  • Did a player drop mid-game? No problem. Just use our AFK Protection and give that player the boot!
  • Customize your game with user-generated lists
  • "Observer Mode" allows up to 25 players to join in on the accusations (& fun)!

Note: This game can be played locally or online with remote players.

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