ColorBlend FX: Desaturation

ColorBlend FX: DesaturationPi-Dev Bulgaria


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Descend into Splatland - the world of ColorBlend FX: Desaturation — a captivating mythical puzzle-platformer metroidvania that weaves a tale of glow, courage, and creativity. Join the Splatians, as they unite to restore the stolen essence back to their world, challenging the nefarious schemes of the dark entity, Lord Ashen.

Life flourishes with daily endeavors and nightly gatherings around the campfire. But on a night unlike any other, Sparkle, the geek, makes a groundbreaking discovery about the mythical Rainbow Powder. It holds the power to alter the Essence of Objects! This revelation could change everything, drawing a proud smile from the Goddess Ranina herself.

Deep into the caves, the Ansuz-Ingwaz clan, enslaved by Lord Ashen's dark will, groans under the weight of a boring existence. But this night is unlike any other, and the discovery made by Sparkle ignites a fury within Lord Ashen. Knowing of the power that threatens his dominion, Lord Ashen sends the world into a void of Desaturation, stripping it of its essence...

It's here, amidst the looming threat of a colorless doom, that your journey begins!

Armed with determination and the power to bring back the essence of objects, you'll dive into a non-linear narrative-driven, single-player adventure with a variety of challenging puzzles, colorful slimes, deadly traps and traverse through unique places brimming with mystery and wonder.

And if you are colorblind don't worry, there's a mode that show labels to help you.

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