Cowboy 3030

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Get ready for a wild ride with Cowboy 3030 - a thrilling roguelike third-person shooter. Transporting you to the futuristic Wild West of 3030, the game puts you in the boots of a plucky bounty hunter. Your mission? Nothing short of monumental - bring down the Nebularos, a gang of extraterrestrial miscreants and robots, as they wreak havoc on your cherished Hololasso County. Are you up for the challenge?

Epic 3D bullet hell action

  • Take down alien outlaws one after another and face off against their gang leaders like the nefarious Blade Mistress in heart-pounding showdowns.
  • Avoid fast and precise shots from snipers, dash thru waves of red lasers from bosses. Every enemy has different attack patterns keeping you on your toes.

Diverse cast of heroes

  • Master Calix's close-range revolver, electrify multiple foes with the Electro Lasso, and blind enemies with the Flash Bang for an aggressive approach.
  • Wield Keri's long-range marksman rifle, amplify shots with the Electro Screen, and unleash devastation from afar with the Bowling Bomb.
  • Blast away with Teri's shotgun as you yank enemies into range with the Magnetic Grappler and stun them with the Electric Shock

An ever-changing progression grid

  • Enhance your abilities, upgrade your weapon and amass perks to create powerful and unique builds for each playthrough.
  • The progression grid randomly generates with different perks in every run, adding an exciting layer of replayability.

  • Jump into the world of 3030 solo or with friends in a thrilling co-op adventure! (up to 4 players)

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