Ganbatte is a competitive multiplayer game for VR, about cats, in space, eating sushi. Players try to eat as much valuable sushi as they can to reach the highest score.

The game is family-friendly and brings together hungry sushi cats from across the galaxy. Ganbatte is currently in development and will be released as an Early Access title in April 2018.


  • Quick Match, 4 players competing online
  • Host & Join, multiplayer frenzy
  • Single-player vs. AI, bots at easy/medium/hard
  • 28 Challenges, can you complete them all?
  • Step-by-step tutorial, learn at your own pace
  • Friends and Global Steam Leaderboards
  • Oculus and Vive cross-platform multiplayer
  • 8 different types of sushi
  • Combo system
  • Double conveyor belt, moving in opposite directions
  • Powered by Unreal Engine 4 and Steam

Press Kit:

Steam Store Page:



HASHTAG: #ganbatte

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