Witch Strandings

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Coming July 06, 2022


Witch Strandings

Witch Strandings is coming soon to Steam on July 7th, 2022. Request your key today ready for release!

You are a strand of light in a top-down open world inspired by dark fairytales. Create pathways through the darkness, nurture the creatures of the Forest, repair ancient structures, and ultimately: confront the Witch who broke this place.

Witch Strandings dials into the emerging genre of physical transportation. A digital forest that extends beyond the boundaries of your screen, in an all-new Strand-type game.


🦌 Carry supplies across the Forest to nurture transformed creatures🦌

🖱 Whether swiping your mouse quickly to move through raging rapids, or inching forward to avoid being swallowed by quicksand, a unique cursor control method makes your journey a physical experience 🖱

☀️Haunting open world with distinct biomes and a day-night cycle 🌑

Activate ancient structures to strengthen your link to the land of the living.

🌲Create your own pathways through a cursed and ruined Forest 🌲

🍄 Use haunted mushrooms, mystical artifacts, and more to alter the world 🍄

☠️ Kill any character at any time—permanently ☠️

🧙Confront the Witch, and decide the fate of the Forest 🧙

☄️ You are a spirit of the forest; a strand of light in the darkness. Make the Forest a better place--or strangle it ☄️

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