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You are YEETUS! Your weapon? The very floor beneath your feet! YEET your surrounding terrain into destructive projectiles. Be strategic, though. A hasty shot may mean a long fall down to your doom!

Balance offense and defense! The strategy isn't just about YEETing away, but accurately aiming your shots to make sure you're not destroying too much of your own battleground!

The Forces of Evil

Square off against alien monstrosities from other dimensions. Each enemy tests your strategy, aim and reaction time, requiring a strong command of your YEET! The biters will get up-close and personal while tentacle stars like to shoot at you from a distance, big boomers will sneak on you and blow up taking a lot of your precious terrain with you if you’re not careful!

Upgrade and Evolve!

Enhance your strategy with a wealth of upgrades waiting to be unlocked. Each run will play differently depending on your upgrade choices. Focus on defense and maneuverability or strive for maximum power? The choice is yours! Each run will also give you gold you can use to purchase permanent upgrades so each run will not only help you improve not only your YEETing skills but also your YEETUS’ powers!

The YEETUS family

As you play you will unlock new levels and characters. You start playing as the balanced Yeetus Regulus; his special skill gives you guaranteed critical shots and doubles tile regeneration. Soon after you will step into the speedy boots of Yeetus Speedus, a swifter but fragile choice with a dash skill. Then lastly you will be able to take on the role of the tanky Yeetus Maximus, a slower brute force with more health, damage, and a damage reflecting berserk buff as his special skill.


With mechanics that are easy to pick up but hard to master and the power of YEETing on your side, YEETUS is a fresh take on the survivors genre, making you focus not only on your aim but also your positioning as you fight to avoid a painful fall to your death.

The ground is your weapon, how will you wield it?

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