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💚Happy 21st Anniversary Sims! Let's Check Out These Presents in Game...

84 views Feb 26, 2021
Today we are checking out the items added to the game for FREE today! There are 21 new items from 9 different custom content creators. ------------------- Buy me a coffee to support my work, or pu...

🎈🎉It's Finally Time...The Sims 21st anniversary SURPRISE REVEALED // Announcement REACT

28 views Feb 25, 2021
The Sims 21st anniversary has finally been revealed-- with a free update that includes 21 new pieces of furniture, recipes/ food, and CAS items from custom content creators in the Sims 4 community....

Creating Perler Art For My Community // What would you like me to make next?

26 views Feb 24, 2021
Today we'll be creative and do an art stream where I create some nerdy perlers. Leave a comment and let me know what other type of design you'd like to see me create :) Become a Member to get acce...

💚Sim Showdown Highlights & Chaos...22 Sims, No Control Other Than Playing Streamloots Cards🃏

18 views Feb 23, 2021
We did a 12 hour Sim Showdown stream with 22 of my community members in one house. The main rule: I could not control the sims unless a Streamloots card got played. This created some hilarious and ...

🧙‍♂️How to Install the Harry Potter Save File & World Properly // Turorial + Links to Download

62 views Feb 22, 2021
Are you having issues installing the Harry Potter Save file and World? Well don't fret, I'm here to save you a headache. This tutorial should teach you to successfully install it without issues. OP...

💡Unboxing & Testing the Tonor Selfie Ring Light w/Tripod Stand // My First Impressions

39 views Feb 22, 2021
Today we unbox the Tonor 12 Inch Selfie Ring Light with Tripod stand, Bluetooth remote shutter and smartphone holder! This seems like an affordable & useful piece of tech for TikTok recording, Inst...

💚12 Hour Sim Showdown...22 Sims, No Control Other Than YOU Playing !streamloots Cards!

119 views Feb 21, 2021
Today we are creating and prepping community members for our 12 Hour YouTube Partner chaos Sims stream! More awesome people will now get to be in our Sims world! And then if we have time we'll star...

12 Hour Sim Showdown...22 Sims, No Control Other Than YOU Playing !streamloots Cards!

14 views Feb 20, 2021
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