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Indie Game Review - GNOG Welcome to a Strange world

13 views Sep 10, 2019
Game: GNOG by KO_OP Mode Summary: A playful puzzle game about exploring monstrous virtual toys. Press, pull, slide, grab, click, and rotate every GNOG head to uncover its secrets! This is a rath...

Top 5 Indie Games from Itch.io!

22 views Sep 09, 2019
Games for itch.io Games. #1. Faith Created by Airdorf Link: https://airdorf.itch.io/faith #2. SKUL Created by: Southpawgames Link: https://southpawgames.itch.io/skul #3. The Pedestrian Create...

CODE VIEN Queen Knights Battle Sooo much pain!!

1 views Sep 09, 2019
CODE VIEN created by BANDAI NAMCO Studios Time to fight against ( This godly annoying ) Queen's Knight which I died about 11 times fighting this (slightly overpowered ) but I finally took him dow...

Game Review: "Astral Chain" Platinum Games has done it again!

251 views Sep 08, 2019
Game: Astral Chain by PlatinumGames Summary: Humanity’s last chance against an interdimensional invasion is a special living weapon called the Legion. As a rookie officer in the elite police task ...

Coming Soon on IndieVoice!

10 views Aug 21, 2019
Just slowing down a little bit on the game reviews abit but I have a good amount of content coming! Just showing a coming soon game reviews! 1. GONG https://store.steampowered.com/app/290510/GNO...

1 Min Game Review: Centroid - SPAAAACCCCCE

11 views Aug 19, 2019
Centroid a mixture of a casual game and tower defense! You Protect that planet from invaders and astroids raining down on it while staying in the Orbit! That Includes the enemies to stay in orbit h...

1 min Game Review - Fleazer

4 views Aug 19, 2019
Welcome to a Dogs worst enemy Flea's and this little flea is you! In this game, you control a small flea named " Fleazer" to go around and rink up as much blood as you can in a certain time limit....

Indie Game Review: My Friend Pedro Demonic Banana!!

16 views Aug 17, 2019
After following this game for a long while on Tumblr and Twitter then seeing this game happy this is one of my favorite game so far

Retro Game Review: Castle Crashers ADVENTURE WITH FRIENDS!

70 views Aug 17, 2019
One of my favorite Multiplayer games! Probably the best to play with friends! Sadly the Remastered edition is only available on Xbox One Coming soon for the Nintendo Switch and PS4 Xbox One - ...

IndieVoice Trailer! Updated

26 views Aug 01, 2019
IndieVoice is here to promote and advertise new indie games! Also, we have: Top 5 games for GameJolt and itch.io Indie Game Reviews for Mobile Games and Console Games! We have helped out sever...

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