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Indie Game Review: Legend of the Skyfish

12 views Nov 14, 2019
Summary: Follow the intrepid Little Red Hook on her journey with the Moonwhale to defeat the monstrous Skyfish. Use your fishing pole as a weapon or a grappling hook, and upgrade it as you go. Leg...

1 min Game Review: My Big Sister

16 views Nov 13, 2019
Summary: Meet Luzia, a sarcastic twelve-year-old with a playful sense of humor. If you believe what she says, My Big Sister is an RPG-like adventure game that is not about her but about her sister ...

1min Game Review: Himno Peaceful Adventure Game

19 views Nov 13, 2019
Features: - Non-violent, no death - Your actions in the world trigger emotional soundtracks and vibrant - visuals - Wall-jumps, slides, dashes, moving platforms, lifts - Play at your own pace with...

Indie Game Review: Little Briar Rose Welcome to the stained glass world!

33 views Nov 09, 2019
Game Type: Point and Click/ Adventure - Playing the Nintendo Switch version - Provided by the Developers Developed by Elf Games! I am normally not a fan of point and click adventure games but...

Mobile Game Review - Black Rims Wanted

18 views Nov 04, 2019
An interesting game, trying to make sure to dodge all the tank fire and jets flying overhead Features: -Escape epic cop chases and become the most wanted heist driver -Unlock legendary vehicles -F...

1 Min Game Review: Killer Chamber!

19 views Nov 04, 2019
This game is really fun just frustrating at the same time trying to remember all of the patterns but does bring a challenge! Features: Fast-paced and tough action-platformer with puzzle and bulle...

Mobile Game Review: EndCycle VS - Bringing back Megaman BNW!

22 views Nov 02, 2019
Finally a new game with Megaman Battle Network Mechanics! and it runs so well on both the Mobile and PC versions! - There is also Crossplay availability! Mobile: http://bit.ly/33atFMt PC: https:...

Carrion Demo Gameplay! Be the Monster!! - No Commentary

20 views Oct 27, 2019
- Warning there is gore - Watch all of the awesome gameplay in Carrion! Try the Demo out yourself it's only available until November 2nd!! Carrion Demo on Steam! http://bit.ly/2MRrYxM

1 min Game Review: Carrion Demo Review " OH GOD THE HORROR....THE HORROR!!"

57 views Oct 26, 2019
This is a really good game even just for a demo this game has satisfied my hunger for this game (no pun intended ) Check out this game yourself and it's only available until November 2nd! http:/...

Video Game Rant/Review: Anthem Is it a Good or Bad Game

94 views Oct 21, 2019
Honestly to me, it is not a bad game but I do understand all the issues and glitches it has but this is just my honest opinions about it

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