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Top 5 Indie Games on Itch.io/Gamejolt Edition! - No Commentary!

23 views • Jul 20, 2019
#5. Shapeless created by ISART DIGITAL Link: https://isart-digital.itch.io/shapeless #4. Sky Racket created by Double Dash Link: https://gamejolt.com/games/skyracket/80383 #3. EverHood created by ...

1 min Indie Game Review - Arcadium

50 views • Jul 17, 2019
After playing this game for a couple of hours this game is highly addictive and even though it has the space invaders feel but with the different spaceships that have different abilities and Unique...

Indie Game Review: Cuboid Keeper - NON SHALL PASS!

31 views • Jul 16, 2019
An interesting Dualstick shooter Indie Game Story: In Cuboid Keeper, you do not enter a dungeon full of enemies to claim its riches. Instead, you defend it, against countless heroes and armies, ...

Coming Up Indie Game Reviews for July!

11 views • Jul 07, 2019
A lot of Game Reviews this month for everyone! Again I appreciate the time you all take waiting for any new videos from me and subscribing to the channel! PC Games: - Fight N'Rage - NeoVerse -...

Indie Game Review: Eden Rising - Time to Survive!

24 views • Jun 27, 2019
Brace yourself for a brand new action-packed Open World. Explore a huge world to gather materials for gear and defenses. Use everything at your disposal to defend your bases and defeat hordes of ho...

Indie Game Review: Gato Roboto - It's ADVENTURE TIME!! CAT EDITION!

25 views • Jun 27, 2019
Pounce inside of your cozy armored mech and set off on a dangerous trek through an alien underworld full of irritable creatures and treacherous obstacles in a valiant effort to save your stranded c...

Indie Game Overview: Small Saga

14 views • Jun 27, 2019
If you want to try out the game download it here! Itch.io: https://sketchylogic.itch.io/small-saga Kickstarter: $36,310!! getting close and closer to the goal! Support Small Saga! https://www.k...

Indie Game Review - Void Bastards - Space the final frontier...going to die again

18 views • Jun 12, 2019
Honestly, this game was really fun besides dying a lot makes you very curious what character will I get next! Maybe get a prisoner that has good traits to help against your enemies or screw me ov...

Coming up Next on Indie Voice for the Month of June!

32 views • Jun 10, 2019
Sorry, I have been a bit busy with Digital Marketing classes and what not but I am hopefully going to get back on track with these reviews and gameplay footage! Other than that how is everyone en...

Kickstarter Support Video: Strangers Awaken - A really interesting Kickstarter!

99 views • May 21, 2019
Another really good Kickstarter is live! Just Recently Started and has reached 20,000+ Goal: $100,000 60 Backers 25 Days to go! Kickstarter: https://bit.ly/2VqIQfR Website: http://playstrange...

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