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Break Time - Important stuff coming!

5 views Feb 07, 2020
So as you see I am going to be taking a bit of a break **Note Not forever lol** I am just taking a break for the fact I am moving soon! Also friends wedding :D I will be back on March 20th bu...

Indie Game Review: CaveBugBoy - One bug on a long adventure

6 views Jan 30, 2020
**Note** this game is in Early access I have to say the many times I have died playing this game about 20 of the 40-50 deaths just wanted to smash my keyboard into a wall It's not a bad game j...

Indie Game Review: Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo - Time to go to space... no captains log!

15 views Jan 30, 2020
Summary: Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo is a modern take on the retro arcade space shooter and a huge expansion of the original PC release. With more modes, more ships, more enemies, more ...

Mobile Game Review - Sominum SPIKES ARE MY WORST ENEMY!

5 views Jan 30, 2020
Sominum is available on the Googleplay store http://bit.ly/2U9bHbu So my experience so far with this game that it has confirmed two things that: 1. I am not the best at puzzle games 2. I died al...

Indie Game Review: Ultimate Reality - Travel through dimensions and kicking butts!

3 views Jan 30, 2020
Welcome to the world of Super Heroes and traveling through different realities! **Note** This is only the demo version So far I do really like this concept of this game and how it's designed! ...

Indie Game Review: Paradox Vector INTO THE WORLD OF VECTORS!

9 views Jan 30, 2020
So when I say "Urk me" meaning things that creeped me out Those Jellyfish and spiders *shivers* they just either jump out or randomly appear above or behind me lol This game is really fun trying...

Indie Game Review - Mortal Glory ( ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED)

37 views Jan 27, 2020
*Gladiator Quote 101* Game Title: Mortal Glory Created by: Redbeak Games Rating: Must Try Game Type: Strategy, RPG, Roguelike Available - Jan 29th! on Steam/PC So as you see this game is h...

Indie Game Review: Skellboy - It's Hero time! Skeleton Edition!

99 views Jan 27, 2020
A coming soon favorable indie game coming out in 3 days! After playing this game...I love it Using a Unique mechanic of using body parts from your enemies to empower Skippy! Remember this game ...

Indie Game Review: FoxyLand Need more Cherries!

8 views Jan 26, 2020
Help Foxy Fox on a dangerous journey to rescue his love, Jennie. Without your help, Foxy won’t be able to save her! Embark on an adventure to rescue Jennie! Jump and dodge past challenging enemies ...

1 min Game Review: The Button Witch - Demo Review Edition -

74 views Jan 19, 2020
So far this game shows even more what RPG Maker Engine can do! Button Witch defiantly has challenging puzzles, interesting character designs, and a really good art design! This game was also cre...

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