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Game Review: One Piece World Seeker - Finally Open World!

26 views • Mar 18, 2019
Finally, a One Piece game that is the open world! Score: 7 out of 10 Great for Fans of One Piece First Open World Game in the One Piece Game Series! This game may not be the best but it is de...

Top 5 interesting Indie games - March 2019

10 views • Mar 14, 2019
Check out these awesome games on Itch.io 1. Proto Corgi https://kemonogames.itch.io/protocorgi-demo 2.Last Rites https://yrgo-game-programmer.itch.io/last-rites 3. King of the Cul-de-sac https...

DMC 5 - Devil Trigger- Music Video

7 views • Mar 14, 2019
Just a fun creative Music video for DMC5 I wanted to do hope you enjoy it! Song belongs to Casey Edwards feat. Ali Edwards - Devil Trigger Devil May Cry 5 Available Now! I highly recommend pla...

Mobile Game Review: PushBall!

17 views • Feb 21, 2019
Pull with your finger to launch the ball. Pass obstacles and reach the end of the level by aligning the ball with your finger. Pushball: Genre: Puzzle Online or Offline: Offline So this is pre...

Indie Game Review: Skater Cally - Time to become a Legend!

3 views • Feb 21, 2019
So I haven't played a Skateboarding video game in the longest time besides Tony Hawk games on the PS1 and this game reminded me a lot of those. This game is a well made indie game and it has been...

Indie Game Review: " Coldfall " going to a town full of zombie mutants and a Nuclear strike coming!

4 views • Feb 21, 2019
This was a pretty cool game and I am not much of a fan of Horror Games and this one had a mixture of: Puzzle Action Adventure Horror This game was only for $2.99 and I really do suggest tryi...

Kingdom Hearts 3 Game Review - Finally arrived

19 views • Feb 05, 2019
Sorry, I was a bit tired at the end of the video but honestly, this is a really good game it just felt a bit faster than usual playing just the storyline. Seeing all of the amazing features, Disney...

100 Subscribers! WHOOOOO!! ALL THE GOOD VIBES!

11 views • Feb 03, 2019
Thank you, everyone, who is subbed to me and follows me on YouTube, Twitter and other places! I feel the love and I hope to make IndieVoice into something amazing in the future!! Special for ever...

Mobile Game Review: Destiny Child - 2D Live Animation and Addictive gameplay SOLD!

168 views • Jan 23, 2019
This game has been really something that I hav ebeen playing for weeks since it was released over to the US from Japan! Most Gacha games have been either a 50/50 meaning could be rather addictive o...

Coming up! - From Scary to Awesome Gacha Games!

89 views • Jan 17, 2019
Some good Games coming up to review and a first-time segment of " First Look" First Look - Lost City Of Vampires https://store.steampowered.com/app/993810/Lost_City_of_Vampires/ Reviews PC Game...

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