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Kickstarter Support Video: Strangers Awaken - A really interesting Kickstarter!

64 views • May 21, 2019
Another really good Kickstarter is live! Just Recently Started and has reached 20,000+ Goal: $100,000 60 Backers 25 Days to go! Kickstarter: https://bit.ly/2VqIQfR Website: http://playstrange...

Indie Game Review - Katana Zero I RULE SLOW MOTION!!

6 views • May 17, 2019
Another great game is giving off the vibes of Hotline Miami and Ninja Gaiden! I really love this game for its excellent storyline Explaining how the character has his slow-motion powers Seeing y...

Indie Game Review Assault Spy! Bringing down some Robots

17 views • May 17, 2019
This game has bee really fun something I go back and play from time to time just to beat up the mass amount of enemies and the combinations you can go to get the max grade +SS Steam Store for $29...

Kickstarter Support Video - Mongrel! One frog against a world of Poop Monsters

35 views • May 16, 2019
Mongrel is an action-platformer with Metroidvania elements coming for Windows and hopefully Switch! The game is inspired by Conker's Bad Fur Day, The Legend of Zelda and Metroidvania-style games. ...

Indie Game Review: Jump King - OMG Whyyyyyy!

199 views • May 02, 2019
This game as great as it is RAGE!! Just trying to make it over to another platform hurts so much....but it does bring a decent and yet annoying challenge! Honestly, if you are looking for a game ...

Top 5 Interesting Games - On itch.io and Steam

43 views • Apr 29, 2019
All of these interesting Indie Games and it was hard to choose between the 10 I had, but we are down to these top 5 Interesting Games 1. Neon the game Price: Free download Description: an end...

Good Night, Knight - Stealth Dungeon Crawling - Indie Game Review!

16 views • Apr 12, 2019
Time for a Stealth Dungeon Crawling Adventure! Either Go Super Steal to attack your enemies or be me and just go full on attack! This game is in its early stages, but it is another exciting Indi...

TripTrip Game Review - A world of Color Changing!

21 views • Apr 11, 2019
This game may look easy but trust me it gets challenging after the first couple of levels which the constant color change and making sure you have enough HP/Lifes before you make it to the boss! ...

One Finger Death Punch 2 Early Access Game Review!

14 views • Apr 11, 2019
This game right here is an excellent successor to one finger Death punch! Now I got this game from the producer and which all the mob fights, feeling like Neo from the matrix mixed with Star Wars...

Top 5 Casual Mobile Games for April 2019

38 views • Apr 03, 2019
Now, these are some pretty fun casual games I have played for a long while and I think these Top 5 choices might interest you! All of these games are for both Android and iOS 1. HyperHop iOS: htt...

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