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Mikey Reacts to SEVENTEEN 'Getting Closer' M/V BEHIND THE SCENES

288 views • Jan 10, 2019
GETTING CLOSER! This song is legit stuck in my head and I love it. What's going on in SVT world? It feels like they're building something and I feel like a detective trying to figure it out!! I can...

Mikey Reacts to An Introduction to BTS: Jungkook Version

509 views • Jan 10, 2019
LIL BABY JUNGKOK DAY! LET'S GO!!! I saw it trending on twitter and thought what a better way to celebrate than watch this introduction to LBJ. We gotta celebrate our Golden Maknae! Thank you to Sq...

Mikey Reacts to JEON SOYEON(전소연) _ Jelly - [M/V]

316 views • Jan 09, 2019
AKALI!!! I will forever know Soyeon as Akali lol. I'm checking out her solo debut pre (G)-Idle music video Jelly today. Soyeon has some serious flow in this one and I was feelin the track, especial...

Mikey Reacts to NCT U 엔시티 유 'Baby Don't Stop' Dance Practice

648 views • Jan 08, 2019
Dude this performance was dope!!!! Ten and Taeyong are absolutely phenomenal in this routine. I love their duo moments and the bigger moves with their backup dancers. Seriously, so cool!

Mikey Reacts to iKON - 'I'M OK' M/V

531 views • Jan 08, 2019
Woah! This video was wild! There were some seriously cool shots in this one, and it starts off so crazy. I loved it. The track was dope as well and iKON is looking great throughout the whole thing!...

Mikey Reacts to Going Seventeen Spin Off: Episode 18

1046 views • Jan 07, 2019
SEVENTEEN! This episode we see the boys start their Ideal Cut Tour in Hong Kong and Tokyo. They're always having a blast even backstage while they're getting ready to perform. This was another grea...

Mikey Reacts to ULTIMATE BTS MOMENTS OF 2018

3687 views • Jan 05, 2019
OMG! This video was hilarious!!! Seriously thank you to everyone who put it together and thank you to BTS!!! There were so many funny moments this year and this video had so many hilarious takes on...

Mikey's 3RACHA MIXTAPES Listening Party LIVE!!

424 views • Jan 05, 2019
3RACHA LET's GOOOO!!! ALL MIXTAPES LIVE! COME CHAT!!! Twitter: @mikeysbasement instagram: instagram.com/mikeysbasement/ https://twitch.tv/mikeysbasement Multistreaming with https://restream.io/ ...

Mikey Reacts to Stray Kids "극과 극(N/S)" Video (Street Ver.)

1264 views • Jan 04, 2019
Red light, green light, swag! Dude I love this track and this video was hilarious. The boys are just having fun in the streets jamming to this dope tune. Dude Stray Kids absolutely slayed 2018, I c...

Mikey's SEVENTEEN Photocard Unboxing Video

840 views • Jan 03, 2019
My friends recently came back from a trip and visited this store that had a bunch of Kpop merch and they got me a whole set of SEVENTEEN Photocards!!! You know i had to show em off. Check it out y'...

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