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Sabmerk complains about the game awards

2 avg live viewers (3 peak)Dec 10, 2020

Sabmerk TV Presents: Pakistani Propaganda Hour

2 avg live viewers (3 peak)Sep 05, 2020


31 views May 30, 2020
Sabmerk, with the help of Science Professional Dr Lori Anne, investigates the horror behind one of the most popular apps on the internet right now, Gacha Life


30 views May 15, 2020
This game is a disaster Patch Notes: Spotify: Itunes: Stitcher: https://www.stit...


35 views Apr 09, 2020
Ironically this video is made in a higher resolution than stadia games run at Do not contact this man on twitter, attack him or say anything towards him. This is a bit of fun and i'm not trying to...

Animal Jam Sad Story (you will cry!)

78 views Feb 02, 2020
Hope this is the kind of edgy content u guys were hoping 4! Gonna make some #cool videos for you guys to enjoy like this one. Just got done playing animal jam on my xbox and thought I'd make a cool...

The Search For The Alpha Male 4: Retribution

57 views Sep 01, 2019
The hit series is back! In this episode, Sabmerk browses 3 websites for the worst and the weirdest things he can find, and ends up catfishing a sadist Sites Featured: Shamchat Rolechat Disboard

Sabmerk Radio Presents: Sabmerk Variety Hour!

0 avg live viewers (1 peak)Aug 19, 2019

More Internet Garbage!

1 avg live viewers (2 peak)Jul 03, 2019

Telekinesis proven real!

14 views Jul 03, 2019
the proof is all there

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