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Bullets Per Minute | Sanngriðr Run | Hard

15 views Apr 02, 2021
If you don't understand the deal of this video: - Bullets Per Minute is a rhythm FPS roguelite where you have to shoot, reload, dash, use abilities, dodge etc. all to the beat of the music. Sanngri...

Haydee II - Ending

3947 views Nov 25, 2020
In which I waste two minutes of your life going the long way around Medical because I thought there was a locked door in Processing. Haydee II is a pretty fun game and you can buy it here: https:/...

CTR NF: Dragon Mines 1:16.57

69 views May 08, 2020
music: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrmGTFwhY5B7zYt2QkpR2Yg

CTR NF: Thunder Struck 1:53.71

71 views Apr 01, 2020

beating enkaar with only flickshots

63 views Dec 01, 2019
missed a shot, doesnt count

CTR:NF - Polar Pass Lake Shortcut Tutorial

1880 views Aug 31, 2019
On laps 2 and 3 this is obviously easier because of our lord and saviour USF, but on the first lap this is a decently tricky jump to make.

CTR NF: Oxide Station 2:47.40

71 views Aug 06, 2019

CTR NF: Electron Avenue 3:06.78

27 views Aug 06, 2019

CTR NF: Prehistoric Playground 2:23.50

20 views Aug 02, 2019
I would've had a better lap 3 if I had spent money on microtransactions

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